Perfomance and Efficiency in Sales and Service.

Mapadore is a SaaS born to be integrated with every legacy enterprise system,
both for SME and multinational organizations

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Smart Field personnel allocation and activity planning

Mapadore is a Software as a Service that helps Sales and Service management to efficiently allocate and deploy Field personnel on the territories, considering geo-localization of assets, customers and/or prospects and seamlessly integrating Contact Center (Service) and Telemarketing (Sales)

Mapadore specifications

Aggregate a vast set of data coming from any corporate source on intuitive google maps based dashboards.
Track the logistic effort to perform campaigns providing brand new set of KPIs.
Quick on the go, light and smart, intuitive, easy to use, focused on Here-and-Now. High Performance.

Perfectly Integrated

With any enterprise application or CRM ( by default)

Easy adoption

Intuitive Google Maps based User Experience designed for operative personnel

Device independent

Access from any device, anytime, anywhere

Multi Language

Natively multi-lingual, ideal for international organizations

No maintenance

 No IT needed. Auto backup and updates 

World-class data security

Highly secure data and privacy protection, data do not reside on devices

“Salespeople spend less than 45% of their time selling, and, in some cases, actual client “face time” represents just 10% of the work week, with the remainder devoted to travel, administrative tasks and preparation.”
“Fewer than 10% of CRM sales application projects can prove the ROI of CRM”
“EFFICIENCY: Ability to perform or function in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort
Efficiency refers to doing things in an appropriate manner, faster and cheaper. Viewed scientifically, it can be defined as the input-to-output ratio, with a focus on attaining maximum output with minimum resources.
“Sales efficiency involves better equipping salespeople with superior information and tools that can help reduce the time consumed by nonselling activities and increase the focus on interactions with clients and prospects. Ideally, the key outcomes from improvements to sales efficiency should include increased sales volume, profitability or margins, with more deals closed in shorter time frames.”

From Gartner report: “How to Analyze Your Sales Processes on Efficiency Versus Effectiveness

Features available with Mapadore

Georeferencing of customers, prospects, assets

On popular Google Maps-based dashboards

Real time availability of any corporate data on the Field

Field personnel can review mission-critical data in any moment on any device

Google Maps Business Intelligence

At a glance evaluate where and how intervene

Smart Scouting while on the Field

“Show me on the map customers and prospects around me” via GPS of mobile device

Appointments scheduling in 1 click

GeoOptimized appointments set by salesmen, Telemarketing, Contact Center, concurrently and without conflicts, considering transfer times and proximity. Campaign and priority management

Mobile Videoconference and Collaboration

For salesmen and technicians (e.g. troubleshooting with Operations Room and Second Level Support colleagues)

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