Increase your sales with Mapadore for Salesforce

Mapadore helps businesses dramatically increase sales and performance by introducing a new Digital Transformation paradigm: measuring and managing the Sales Process like a modern, highly automated factory.

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Sales efficiency made easy

Mapadore extends Salesforce’s CRM capabilities, enabling sales reps, call centers and Customer Direct web sites to seamlessly work together in planning geo-optimized appointments, as well as allowing sales reps to scout the most promising prospects while in the field. Mapadore’s Digital Assistant features helps you to maximize efficiency!

Meanwhile, managers are able to measure and monitor the sales process like never before thanks to the highly precise sales metrics made available in real time.


Productivity improvement made easy for Sales Reps

On one hand, we dramatically improve and simplify the operational everyday duties of your team through very intuitive tools, which rely on the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence and optimization algorithms.

In doing so, we also greatly improve the perception sales reps frequently have of CRM, maximizing User Adoption.

All the KPIs that Managers need to maximize sales

On the other hand, while improving productivity we collect a unique set of detailed execution analytics which in combination with Salesforce’s data, provide management with a never-seen-before set of KPIs to transform the sales process in a fully-measurable, more predictable and scalable way – like a highly automated factory. What we refer to as ‘Sales as a Factory’.

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Are you a Salesforce implementation partner?

Transformative Mapadore solutions pave the way for a new wave of Digital Transformation opportunities for’s ecosystem of Implementation Partners (System Integrators and Business Consultants) supporting Change Management for their customers and embracing the new Sales as a Factory paradigm.

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